Wilderbee Talent Camp is a camp dedicated towards a focussed endeavour of transforming models and aspiring models into their world class counterparts by incorporating years of industry experience and knowledge. Transforming dreams of all men and women into groomed, artistic versions of themselves, any place to THE place.

This education has been designed by Supermodel Lakshmi Rana herself, keeping in mind all the challenges that are to be faced as a model in the Fashion Industry and the tools needed to understand the business of modelling in a holistic manner. These boutique courses will provide the right amount of balance between handling oneself as a professional as well as acquiring the skill sets needed to be a world class model. The content is tailored to enhance the personal brand of every individual attending our sessions, be it a model or a talent looking for industry insights. WMC carries forward these transformations in an incomparable way in terms of execution of the deliverables with utmost sense of accountability, responsibility and ownership.The participants are hand selected by Lakshmi Rana herself as the availability of seats is limited.

“The program also helps participants to create a balance between the real world and the highly glamourised world of modelling and films.”

“Anyone who wants perspective and clarity to enter this field and also wishes to improve their body language in front of the camera and get rid of their inhibitions.”

Who can BENEFIT?

What will you LEARN?


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WMC Courses

Tailored Modeling Course

• The Business of Fashion – Dealing with agencies and Finance management.
• Personal Branding
• Runway walks (We teach you to develop your own unique style)
• Posing techniques for various moods.
• Movement of body and hand techniques
• Artistic emoting
• Social media engagement
• Understanding your strengths and weaknesses
• The Perfect Audition

Tailored Pageant Training Course

• A complete guide to how one must approach the reputed/right kind of pageant
• Self Assessment to know if one is ready to apply
• Requirements from the world’s best beauty pageants
• Step by step guide to prepare for a win
• Skill set ( Body Language, Walk, Posture, Q/A, Introduction, Make-up & hair, Wardrobe & Styling, Fitness guide, Body statistics, smile & Confidence)
• Expert tips from the best trainers and pageant winners
• Post pageant guide to reputed agencies and booking house
• Runway walks (We teach you to develop your own unique style)
• Posing techniques for various moods.
• Movement of body and hand techniques

Duration : Unspecified yet

Fees: bdjsksdlks


The Team consists of a passionate group of industry professionals headed by Supermodel Lakshmi Rana, Founder & CEO.

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